Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baby Succulents in Crafty Pots

After giving my houseplants haircuts, I was left with several cuttings of jade branches.  I didn't want to throw them away.  They were too beautiful and so small.  With a little time and a small amount of money, I figured these baby succulents would make great gifts.  So far I have given 2 away and the new owners adore them!  Not only are the pots cute and fun, but jades are some of the easiest plants to care for.  

Several small (4") pots
Callused jade cuttings
Ribbon of your choosing - I used 3/4" satin in teal
 3/4" - 1" buttons
Double-sided tape

I filled my pots with soil before adding the decorations.  I didn't want to get the pot dirty and this allowed me to clean off any spots with a damp rag.  You could certainly fill the pots later, just be careful not to spill any dirt on the ribbon.

Here's how easy this was - I used double-sided tape on the ribbon, adhered it to the edge of the pot, placed the button over the unfinished edge using the same double-sided tape, and viola! The pot became a work of art. 

Carefully place your callused jade babies (see this post on propagating house plants for more information) in the soil.  The jades will be a bit wobbly until they establish roots, so secure them with a popsicle stick or anything else you can find that is pretty.  Since I was giving these away as gifts, I thought it would be a good idea to include some directions with the plant.  I wrote a little note:

If you decide not to give a note or if you are keeping the cuttings for yourself, just make sure that the jade is kept in a small pot for the first year.  Like most plants, the jade likes to secure its roots in a small space before being introduced to a new environment.  You may need to water the jade more then once a week as it establishes itself.  Don't let the leaves shrivel; this is usually a sign that the jade is not getting enough water.  

Have fun potting!  As always, feel free to leave me comments or suggestions!  I love hearing from you.  

Even Ginny likes them!

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